Young Scientist Badge Scheme

The Young Scientist Badge Scheme run by Science Centre Singapore comprises of a series of self-directed activities in different disciplines of science designed for all Primary school students. The objective of this scheme is to stimulate interest in science among primary school children and provide them with the opportunities for students to develop initiative and creativity.

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Participate Rules

There are 17 different Young Scientist badges that can be earned. On average, it takes about three months to complete one activity card.

To earn a badge,

  1. Buy an activity card and carry out the activities listed. The card may be purchased at $2.50 each from the Curiosity Shop at Science Centre.
    Parents or teachers can provide guidance, but children must carry out the activities themselves.
  2. The completed activities must be presented to a school teacher. Each completed activity earns the student the corresponding number of stars indicated next to the task for that Young Scientist card. Parents may also acknowledge the completion of up to six stars’ worth of activities.
  3. Upon earning 15 stars, the card must be submitted to the school teacher who will certify the student’s completion of the card and a badge will then be awarded to the student.

For teachers who wish to purchase the cards in bulk for their students, please email us at

Submission Process

Click here for Young Scientist Card 2016 submission details. Students must hand in their cards to their school teachers or parents if they are home schooling.

For Parents
Submission Period: 31 Aug – 21 Sep 2016
Collection Point: Science Centre Singapore

For Teachers
Deadline for submission: 31 Aug – 21 Sep 2016
Collection Point: Science Centre Singapore

The badges and certificates can be collected from Science Centre in late October 2016, every day from 10am to 5.30pm. For further enquiries, kindly contact Mr Junda Peng at

Young Scientists’ Aid

Here are a few exhibitions at Science Centre that may be helpful while completing the Young Scientist cards:

  • Climate Change – Climate Challenge (for Young Energy Saver and Meteorologist cards)
  • Earth, Our Untamed Planet (for Young Geologist card)
  • Ecogarden (for Young Ecologist, Entomologist and Water. Ambassador cards)
  • DNA Corrider, located near Tinkering Studio  (for Young Geneticist card)
  • Kinetic Garden (for Young Physicist card)
  • Marine Alcove (for Young Water Ambassador card)
  • Stargazing (for Young Astronomer card)
    Be guided during the weekly stargazing sessions held at the Science Centre Observatory. For more information, please visit the Science Centre Observatory page or the SCOB Facebook page.You may download the equatorial sundial materials in order to complete the Young Astronomer card.


We have also created a map (see below) for your convenience if you are visiting Science Centre. We’ve plotted icons on the map so that you can visit the relevant exhibitions which will help you complete some of the activities on your Young Scientist cards.