The Electric Corner is an extension of the programme conducted with 10 childcare centres in 2014. The programme aims to encourage students to explore the environment around them through self-guided and environment guided enquiry and embark in learning through tinkering.

Students in K1 will learn about basic electricity and concepts such as lights, motion, sound, while students in K2 will delve deeper into understanding electricity by being exposed to electronics, sensors and basic computing and robotics.

Students will visit KidsSTOP twice for a guided workshop and playtime at the Tinkerer’s lab. Workshops will cover topics such as robotics, computer interfaces and electronics using tools that young students can understand.


A Science Corner is to be set up and teachers will be equipped with the Lets Explore Electricity Kit as well as a framework for the 10 weeks pre-school curriculum, inclusive of:

  • The objective of the experiment
  • What teachers need to achieve a guided enquiry
  • The open ended nature of the experiment


There will be two training sessions for the teachers to cover content and how to integrate science with the pre-school themes. A review and troubleshooting session 3-4 weeks after the implementation of the programme is included. Teachers will receive support via an online platform.