Unleash the Genius in Your Child With Professor Tony Buzan

Mind Mapping® is a revolutionary note-taking technique originated by Professor Tony Buzan in 1970. Often described as the ‘Swiss army knife for the Brain’, Mind Map® is widely acknowledged as the most powerful learning and thinking tool ever invented, and now used by more than 400 million worldwide.

Professor Buzan is the world’s leading authority on Learning, Creativity, Memory and Thinking, and in the last 50 years had conducted programmes at the world’s top schools and universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, as well as many Fortune 1000 companies.

Come and join Professor Buzan in person this coming November to unleash the genius in your child.

Date: 12 Nov 2016

Venue: Science Centre Singapore

Time: 9.30am – 12pm

Fee: $150.00 (Public)

Seminar outline

  • Apply 6 Key Brain Principles
  • Develop Thinking Skills
  • Buzan 5-Step Learning Plan
  • Nurturing a Life-long Learner